Closing Comments

AuthorPaul Wearing
Closing Comments
The employment relationship is complex, impacted by human nature,
workplace laws and regulations, court decisions, and administrative tribu-
nal policy interpretations and applications. Forty years’ experience before
the courts and workplace tribunals have informed and reinforced one
simple principle of workplace management in the writer: management
policies will not be enforced by adjudicators unless those policies are
reasonable, transparent, in writing, communicated, and even-handedly
applied to all members of the workforce. The preceding pages are an
attempt to give the layperson entrepreneur or business owner a “heads-
up” insight into basic Ontario workplace laws and the interpretation of
those laws by the courts and workplace administrative tribunals, with a
view to raising awareness of the parameters of workplace management.
Mistakes in employee management can be extremely costly in terms of
money, time, and morale. Proactive management of the workforce is
mandatory for a successful business.

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