Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians celebrate women's success.

Author:Driedger, Myrna
Position:Conference news

The Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians, as part of the larger Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, works towards better representation of women in legislatures throughout Canada and the Commonwealth. In July, the 2013 Steering Committee Meeting and Conference of the CWP was held in Edmonton. This article looks at the agenda of the conference and strategic projects for the CWP (Canada).


The CWP-Canadian Region is governed by a steering committee that promotes the views and concerns of women parliamentarians throughout the region and is responsible for developing programs to further the aims of the CWP within the region. It is composed of one representative from each province and territory and one representative from the federal parliament. Each member serves a three-year term. Its operations are overseen by a Chair, who also represents Canada on the CWP Steering Committee-International.

The other members of the Steering Committee for CWP Canada are:

* Linda Reid, British Columbia

* Mary Anne Jablonski, Alberta

* Laura Ross, Saskatchewan

* Leanne Rowat, Manitoba

* Lisa Macleod, Ontario

* Rita De Santis, Quebec

* Pamela Lynch, New Brunswick

* Wendy Bisaro, North West Territories

* Charlene Johnson, Newfoundland & Labrador

* Pam Birdsall, Nova Scotia

* Jeannie Ugyuk, Nunavut

* Carolyn Bertram, Prince Edward Island

* Lois Moorcroft, Yukon

* Susan Truppe, Federal

Created in 2005, the CWP--Canada Region is composed of women parliamentarians of the provincial and territorial Canadian legislatures and the federal parliament. Its aims and objectives are to:

* Provide opportunities for strategic discussion and development for future and current parliamentarians

* Increase female representation in our parliaments

* Foster closer relationships among Canadian women parliamentarians

* Foster relations with other countries having close parliamentary ties with Canada; and

* Discuss, strategize and act on gender related issues in Canada and internationally.

The CWP pursues these objectives by means of annual Commonwealth parliamentary conferences, outreach programs and participation in campaign schools across the country.

The 2013 Steering Committee Meeting and Conference

We were pleased to welcome Meenakshi Dhar, Assistant Director of Programs from CPA (London Secretariat.) to attend our meeting in Edmonton. We recogalized the newly elected Speaker from British Columbia, Linda Reid and extended a heartfelt thanks to Charlotte L'Ecuyer, MNA...

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