C. Conclusion

Author:Robert J. Sharpe - Kent Roach
Profession:Court of Appeal for Ontario - Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Page 203

The Supreme Court was initially reluctant to intervene in important aspects of the area of labour relations under the Charter. Freedom of association was held not to include the right to strike or the right to engage in collective bargaining, and the Court refused to interfere with mandatory dues and union membership. The Court did not grant unions new protection against legislative action curtailing bargaining and strikes, but neither did it give new tools to those opposed to the majoritarian nature of collective bargaining and intent on overturning agency and closed shop provisions. This cautious approach was decried by those who had hoped that the Charter would expand the scope of collective bargaining.34Others saw it as a middle-of-the-road posture, consistent with the Court’s tendency in other areas to refuse to recognize economic activity as worthy of Charter protection.35In the end, however, the narrow interpretation of section 2(d) was found to be inconsistent with the Court’s generally liberal approach to Charter interpretation and with the concern shown in other areas for the rights and interests of vulnerable groups. The more generous interpretation of section 2(d) in Dunmore and Health Services clearly opens a new chapter in which collective bargaining rights are protected although the precise nature and extent of that protection remains a work in progress.


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