AuthorJohn Hollander
tHErE arE SEvEraL themes that form the basis of this
handbook, and indeed all of the handbooks in the Young
Advocates Series:
. Foremost is that the advocate should consider the
other participants, who all have roles to play and who
all have other things on their mind. For lawyers to be
successful, they should accommodate as many of these
competing interests as possible. ey should only pick
ghts that they can win. Even so, a ght avoided is
usually better than a ght engaged in and won.
. is theme is found in the title of the section “Short
Questions, Simple Language,” above in Chapter . To
be eective, lawyers must communicate. e longer
the sentence and the more complicated the language,
the less eective is that communication.
. Inexperienced counsel should identify good practices
and avoid bad ones. Many of these techniques can be
reduced to simple formulas, such as “headline and

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