AuthorMaureen McTeer
[  ]
– chapter seventeen –
is book is about assisted human reproduction and research on human
embryos created using IVF and the challenges these twin issues create
for law and public policy. e questions are many and complex, and go
beyond any specic scientic research agenda or any one public policy
discussion. At their core, these issues are as much about society and
human relationships as they are about scientic and medical progress.
ey aect each of us individually and within our community. We cannot
pretend there are no downsides to the policy choices that will be made
by our governments in the future; that there will be no dilemmas and
no causes for concern. ere is need for deep thought, for moments of
hesitation, for tough decisions about where we go from here, about how,
and about how far.
e truth is that some time ago now, modern societies reached a cross-
roads in the search for a better world through science and medicine. Lou-
ise Brown’s conception and birth should have been treated as a warning
sign, as well as heralded as a beacon of hope for those unable to conceive.
ere is urgency in addressing the many policy issues raised in this
book. Twenty years ago, when I wrote a book on several technologies and
their likely impact on our lives, these reproductive and research challen-
ges were barely on the horizon. Today, their future use and development
are being discussed and decided upon. Will we be ready to participate in
those discussions and decisions, or will they be decided for us by others?

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