Conclusion: Taking It Personally

AuthorAllan C. Hutchinson
In this short book, I have sought to challenge many of the prevail-
ing misundersta ndings that per vade discussions on legal ethics and to
make good on present shortcomings in profe ssiona l respon sibility. As
I stated in the introduction, the book is intended to be both a critical
primer on the current approache s to professional responsibility and a
call to ethical a rms. I reject the trad itional image and defence of the
ethical lawyer as hired hand (as well as more recent alternat ives) be-
cause they are bas ed on a f‌lawed set of assumptions about the operation
of law and the practice of law yering in contemporary Ca nada. Mindful
that the homogeneity of lawyers is beginning to be replaced by a more
diverse professional personnel, I have found the unifyi ng theme for
the book in the challenge that a fragmented society a nd legal profes-
sion holds for the development of a transformed practice of profess ional
responsibility a nd legal ethics. Accordingly, in place of the traditional
exposition, I seek to offer a more compelling and workable account of
lawyering. The result is, I hope, a sensible contribution to an import-
ant task that should be appreciated and shared by all law yers, both
personally and collectively: t he development of an ethically satisf ying
and professionally responsible approach to legal practice. In th is f‌inal
chapter, therefore, I will trace some of the broader implicat ions for fu-
ture developments and innovations, especially in regard to the study
and training of young law yers.

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