Concordance of Canadian and International Human Rights Instruments

AuthorMark Freeman, Gibran Van Ert
This Appendix provides a table of concordance comparing the rights of
the Charter and the Bill of Rights with selected binding and non-bind-
ing international human rights instruments.
Provisions listed in the leftmost column summarize the rights indi-
cated, e.g., “Presumption of innocence” for Charter s. 11(d) and simi-
lar provisions. Only provisions that closely match the right or freedom
given in the leftmost column have been included in the table. This does
not exclude the possibility of interpreting a given provision to include
some related right or freedom. For example, at the row “Right to coun-
sel” the table indicates that no such provision occurs expressly in the
UDHR, yet it is possible to interpret UDHR art. 11(1) as including this
right. Similarly, the Charter column for the row “Right to examine wit-
nesses” is marked “—” because no such right is explicitly found in the
Charter, yet such a right has been held to form part of ss. 7 and 11(d).
Concordance of
Canadian and
human rights
appendix 1

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