Jamie Be nidick sonoftheFacultyofLawUniversityofOawahaswrien
elsewhereonthe historyofreg ulationandadm inistrativedecisionmaki ng
in Canada. He is the author of TheCultureofFlushingASocialandLegalHis-
toryofSewageUniversityofBritishColumbiaPress andEnvironmental
Nicholas Blom ley is Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University. He
has a long standing interest in propert y, both public and communal, and
private. He is the author of Unselingthe CityUrbanLand andthe Politicsof
PropertyRout ledge an dRightsofPassageSidewalksandtheRegulationof
Angela Cameron receivedherLLBfrom DalhousieUniversityi nand
UniversityofBritish Columbiain and herDoctoratef romthe Univer
Research Scholar at the University of Victoria. Professor Cameron’s research
is generally in the area of socia l justice, with a particular focus on the equal
ity interests of women. Professor Cameron’s research areas include criminal
law, restorative justice, property law, reproductive technologies law, family
law, legal theory, sociological approaches to law, and human rights law. She
is the administ rator of

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