David Cole was called to the Ontario bar in . He then practised as
a defence counsel for sixteen years, specializing in legal issues relating to
prisoners and parolees. Judge Cole was appointed to the Ontario Court
of Justice in . From October  to , he was seconded to act as
co-chair of the Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Crim-
inal Justice System. Over the period –, he has been seconded to
conduct an independent review of the use of segregation in Ontario’s
correctional facilities, with particular attention to the issues confronting
mentally ill prisoners detained on remand or after sentencing. Judge
Cole has taught sentencing courses at the University of Toronto Faculty
of Law; Osgoode Hall Law School, York University; and the Centre
for Criminology, University of Toronto. He is the co-author of Release
from Imprisonment: e Law of Sentencing, Parole and Judicial Review
(Carswell, with A Manson, ) and the co-editor of Making Sense of
Sentencing (University of Toronto Press, with JV Roberts, ).
Julian Roberts, University of Oxford, holds a PhD in psychology from
the University of Toronto and an LLM from the University of London.
He was an adviser to the ALI Model Penal Code Sentencing Project and a

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