Cyberlibel Injunctions

AuthorDavid A. Potts
ProfessionBarrister, Bar of Ontario
414 Cyberlibel: Information Warfare in the st Century?
Cyberlibel Injunctions
Injunctions Granted
Case Citation Medium of Public ation
A.T. v. L.T.H.  BCSC  Internet
Barrick Gold Cor p. v. Lopehandia (),  D.L.R. (th)  Website
Buckle v. Caswell  SKQB  Blog
Canadian National Railway Compa ny v. Google Inc.  ONSC  Website
Emerald Passport Inc . v. MacIntosh  BCSC  Website
Grin v. Sullivan  BCSC  Website
Henderson v. Pearlman  CanLII  (ON S.C.) Internet
Hunter-Dickinson v. Butler  BCSC  Website
Koopman v. Rathwell  BCSC  Media a nd Internet
Manson v. Moett [] O.J. No.  Website
McQuaig v. Harbour Financial Inc.  ABQB  Blog
National Bank of Canada v. Weir  QCCS  Blog
Newman v. Halstead  BCSC  Website
Rawdon (Municipalité de) c. Leblanc (Solo)  QCCS  Website
Warman v. Wilkins-Fournier [] O.J. No.  Website
WeGo Kayaking Ltd. et al. v. Sewid  BCSC  Website

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