Cyberlibel Jurisdictional Motions

AuthorDavid A. Potts
ProfessionBarrister, Bar of Ontario
416 Cyberlibel: Information Warfare in the st Century?
Cyberlibel Jurisdictional Motions
Case Citation Medium of Public ation Result
Bangoura v. e Washington Post  CanLII  (ON C.A.), rev'g (),
 D.L.R. (th)  (S.C.J.), leave to appeal to
S.C.C. denied without reas ons,  CanLII
 (S.C.C.)
Website Allowed
Banro Corporation v. Éditions Écoso ciété Inc. [] O.J. No.  Website Dismissed
Black v. Breeden  CanLII  (ON S.C.),  ONCA  Website & Media Dismissed
Guilbert v. Guilleaume  QCCS  Website Allowed
Research in Motion Ltd. v. Visto Corp. [] O.J. No.  Media and Website Dismissed
TimberWest Forest Corp. v. United Steel, Paper and
Forestry, Rubber Manufactur ing, Energy, Allied
Industrial and Se rvice Workers International Union
 BCSC  Video News conference Dismissed
Vincent v. Forget  QCCS  Website Allowed
Bains v. Sadhu Singh Hamdard Trust  CanLII  (ON S.C.) Newspaper website Dismissed
Barrick Gold Cor p. v. Blanchard & Co. [] O.J. No.  (SCJ Website Dismissed
Burke v. NYP Holdings, Inc.  BCSC  Website Dismissed
Trizec Properties Inc. v. Citigroup Glob al Markets
[] O.J. No.  Website Dismissed
Wiebe v. Bouchard  BCSC  Website Dismissed

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