D. Finding People

Author:Ted Tjaden
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Although not directly related to pure legal research, finding information about people is an important part of lawyering, whether it be tracking down the phone number or address of a potential witness or party to a lawsuit, trying to find an expert, or trying to find another lawyer.10The Internet is extremely useful for this purpose given the large number of directories and phone books available online. Set out below in Table 5.4 is a list of some of the more useful Internet tools for finding information about people (realize that stricter privacy laws in Canada tend to make it more difficult to find information on Canadians, at least compared to the situation in the United States). Some of the sites, such as INFOSPACE (listed below), provide such added-value features as the ability to look up people by phone number or mailing address in addition to looking up people by name. Legal directories are listed below in Table 5.5, and sites for finding experts are listed in Table 5.6. Prudence is warranted when using free online directories for finding lawyers or experts. Most lawyers or law librarians would take the extra step of checking for references, or, for example - in the situation of identifying a potential expert witness - search online case law databases to see if a particular expert has had her report considered by a judge.

Table 5.4

Online Directories and Phone Books

Websites Address

Canada 411 www.canada411.ca

INFOSPACE www.infospace.com

Infobel.com www.infobel.com

YELLOWPAGES.ca www.yellowpages.ca

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Table 5.5

Online Legal Directories

Websites Address

Canadian Law List www.canadianlawlist.com

Lexpert.ca www.lexpert.ca


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