D.(K.W.) v. J.(D.Z.), (1983) 49 A.R. 355 (ProvCt)

Judge:Fitch, J.
Court:Provincial Court (Alberta)
Case Date:August 15, 1983
Citations:(1983), 49 A.R. 355 (ProvCt)

D.(K.W.) v. J.(D.Z.) (1983), 49 A.R. 355 (ProvCt)

MLB headnote and full text

D. (K.W.) v. J. (D.Z.)

(CFC 6647)

Indexed As: D.(K.W.) v. J.(D.Z.)

Alberta Provincial Court

Fitch, J.

August 15, 1983.


The father of an illegitimate child applied for access to the child. The Alberta Provincial Court allowed the application.

Family Law - Topic 2001.1

Custody and access - Access - Illegitimate children - A man and woman lived together for nine months prior to the birth of their child and for five months after - The father had access of the child for the next four years; then the mother denied access - The Alberta Provincial Court granted the father's application for access.

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The applicant and the respondent appeared on their own behalf.

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