AuthorFay Faraday; Judy Fudge; Eric Tucker
On the afternoon of 6 February 2012, a van carrying thirteen migrant
farm workers collided with another vehicle on Perth County Road
No 107 near Hampstead, Ontario. Ten of the workers and the driver
of the other vehicle were killed. This book is dedicated to all those
who died or were injured in this tragic accident:
Christopher Fulton
David Armando Blancas-Hernandez
Jose Mercedes Valdiviezo-Taboa
Cesar Augusto Sanchez-Palacios
Enrique Arturo Leon
Corsino Jaramillo
Mario Abril
Oscar Compomanes-Corzo
Juan Castillo
Elvio Bravo-Suncion
Fernando Correa
Edgar Sulla-Puma
Juan Ariza
Abelardo Alba-Medina

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