Dedication and preface

AuthorFrank Zaid
ProfessionSenior Partner Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
To my loving wife, Linda Lester, and my two wonderful ch ildren, Irwin
and Jonathan.
When I was called to the Ontario Bar in 1973, and commenced my legal
career in corp orate/ comm ercial and intellectu al propert y law, the words
“franchising” and “franchise” meant hardly anything to me. In fact, if
the term “franchi se” was ever used in a legal context at that time, it either
meant a right to trans port natural gas or a right to own a major league
sports team. There was v irtually no literature on the subject of franchise
law in Canada a nd hardly any law f‌irms were involved in the practice.
Early in my career, I was asked to advise two franchise companies
coming to Canada from the United States. Only because of my intel-
lectual property background was I thought to be the appropriate can-
didate to take on thes e projects (or, truthfully, the fact was th at no one
else at my f‌irm knew anyt hing about franchising). From that time on,
a completely unpredictable turn of events took place which resulted in
an uncharted career path for me and many others with whom I have
worked over the years since then.
Since I f‌irst became involved in franchise law, I have seen and ex-
perienced, f‌irsthand, the development of franchise law as a unique and
distinct legal pract ice and have worked with and been privi leged to
advise some of the most incredible franchise entrepreneurs in Canada,

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