Definitions of Regulations

AuthorSusan Barker, Erica Anderson
appendix one
Denitions of Regulations
Statutory Instruments Act, RSC 1985, c S-22
. . .
2 (1) In this Act,
prescribedmeans prescribed by regulations made pursuant to this Act;
regulationmeans a statutory instrument
(a) made in the exercise of a legislative power conferred by or under
an Act of Parliament, or
(b) for the contravention of which a penalty, ne or imprisonment
is prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament,
and includes a rule, order or regulation governing the practice or
procedure in any proceedings before a judicial or quasi-judicial
body established by or under an Act of Parliament, and any instru-
ment described as a regulation in any other Act of Parliament;
regulation-making authoritymeans any authority authorized to make
regulations and, with reference to any particular regulation or pro-
posed regulation, means the authority that made or proposes to
make the regulation;

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