Detailed table contents

AuthorGregory Tardi
[  ]
Table of Contents vii
Foreword xi
Acknowledgements xv
Preface: e Canadian Electoral System in a Capsule xvii
Democracy xvii
Terminological Explanation xviii
Origins of the Modern Election Law xviii
Constitutional Basis of the Canadian Parliament xviii
Electoral System xix
Election Administration xx
Application of the Rule of Law to Elections xx
Timing of Elections xxi
Initiation of an Election xxi
Duration of an Election xxi
Electors xxi
Political Parties xxii
Candidates For Election xxii
ird Parties xxiii
Electioneering xxiii
Election Financing xxiii
Voting xxiv
Vote Count xxv
Judicial Contestation of Election Results xxv
Electoral Oences xxv
Compliance and Enforcement Mechanism xxvi
Post-Vote Formalities xxvi
Members of Parliament xxvii
Forming a Government xxvii

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