Digest: R v Fahlman, 2018 SKPC 66

Date:November 18, 2019

Reported as: 2018 SKPC 66

Docket Number: 90165410 , PC18061

Court: Provincial Court

Date: 2019-11-18


  • Green


  • Criminal Law � Peace Bond � Application

Digest: The Crown applied for a peace bond under s. 810(1) of the Criminal Code. An RCMP officer swore an information claiming that the defendant had given his wife reasonable grounds to fear that he would cause personal injury to her. The RCMP officer had dealt with a 2016 incident between the parties wherein the defendant had assaulted his wife while he was intoxicated and, afterwards, he had gone outside their home on a farm and discharged a rifle. The defendant was charged with assault and careless use of a firearm. He pled guilty to the assault and the Crown stayed the second charge and he received a conditional discharge. In 2018, the RCMP officer was again called to the home of the parties because they alleged each was assaulting the other. Although no charges were laid, the officer removed nine firearms from the house. The wife testified that she and the defendant separated in 2018 but they both remained in the family home. She had commenced family law proceedings for divorce and custody of their two young children because of the defendant�s violent behaviour over many...

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