Diocese of Quebec: on the cusp of change: Quebec bishop goes on medical leave.


On December 13, Bishop Dennis Drainville, of the diocese of Quebec, announced that he will "step aside" from episcopal ministry for an unspecified period of time due to health reasons, and that Coadjutor Bishop Bruce Myers will serve as commissary in the interim.

In a letter to his diocese, Drainville, 62, says that "as the months have passed it has been increasingly difficult to continue to put in the hours and continue travelling throughout the diocese," and that his doctor has recommended he take this action.

While the letter does not disclose the nature of Drainville's medical leave, in an interview with the Anglican Journal earlier in December, he noted that he was suffering from a degenerative illness.

The news comes more than 16 months after Drainville announced his plans to retire, and more than a year after Myers' election.

During his interview with the Journal, he spoke about the challenges the diocese has faced since his election in 2008. "What I'm happiest about is the fact that there is still a diocese of Quebec. Because it is not hyperbole for me to say to you that there have been several times when that issue has been on the table," he said. When he took over the reins, the diocese was hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, he said. "The diocese, because of the lack of numbers of English-speaking Quebecers, will never be out of the woods; we're always going to be hard-pressed," he added. He noted that while the diocese is engaged...

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