Do the Asper media promote "gay marriage?".

Author:Gray, Stephen
Position::Views expressed in Canadian media chain

"I suspect Harper is personally reconciled to the inevitability of gay marriage, but feels compelled to hold a vote to appease parts of his political base. So let them have their vote. It'll be their last stand--Leonard Stern, Ottawa Citizen editorial pages editor. His article was in the Edmonton Journal, June 12, 2006.)

It appears by the above words from an editor of the Asper-owned Ottawa Citizen that those opposed to "gay marriage" are making a "last stand." How would this editor know this? Is he clairvoyant or is he just parrotting the usual media bias against anyone opposed to this nonsense.

The Edmonton Journal of June 6, 2006, another Asper newspaper, had this to say on the subject of re-opening the same-sex marriage debate:

"Last week, Stephen Harper said the vote will occur this fall. What credit he earns for keeping his promise is undermined because fulfilling it will cause little more than a dollop of unnecessary acrimony and potentially open a legal quagmire for the government."

Notice the words: that this will "potentially open a legal quagmire for the government." The only "legal quagmire" in this country is the actions of those judges who have subverted the Charter and declared "gay marriage" as a "right." Thinking, sane, and normal people know that this distortion of words called "same-sex marriage" was never in the Charter. One would think the so-called "investigative media" would know this. But hey, do we have any investigative journalists left in this country?

The Calgary Herald of June 6, 2006, another newspaper of the Asper conglomerate, had this to say on the subject:

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper isn't holding a free vote on the issue of same-sex marriage this fall. He's proceeding with a free vote on whether MPs want to revisit the law.... Harper is going through the motions because he said he would He knows the law is highly unlikely to be repealed and the majority sentiment in the House is that it's time to move on. He is also aware of the constitutional can of worms that would be opened by any repeal of the one-year-old law."

Here we go again with media misinformation. How can "any repeal of the ... law" open a "constitutional can of worms" when this nonsense of so-called "same-sex marriage" was never in the Constitution and is in fact a distortion of law? One would think the editorialists at the Calgary Herald would know this. The Calgary Herald goes on to say this about the issue:

"Harper needs to be able to say he kept his...

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