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Alberta Law Libraries offer guidance and free access to legal materials and forms.

If you are dealing with a legal problem, or if you need to appear in court and do not have a lawyer, you are welcome to visit Alberta Law Libraries for assistance and free access to legal materials. Understanding the law is a useful first step even if you do have a lawyer.

There are plenty of sites online that offer legal information and advice. However, many may not apply to Alberta or may offer wrong or outdated advice. Finding the right information can be challenging and time consuming. That is where we can help!

Alberta Law Libraries (ALL) is a provincial network of libraries that provide support and information services to all Albertans. The libraries are located in ten Alberta courthouses. Library staff at each location can help individuals locate the materials they need to understand their legal issues.

The library collection includes books, quick reference materials, legislative resources and case law materials. You may access the information in paper, on the public computers at each of our branches, or remotely from your home computer. You may also use photocopiers and scanners at our bigger locations (there may be a fee).

Visit us in person

The benefits of visiting us in person include:

* Library staff can help you find the information you need.

* You may use our public computers to access online legal information not available for free on the internet.

* You can also use our public computers to fill out your forms and print or email them.

Visit your Alberta Law Libraries branch in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Peace River, St. Paul or Wetaskiwin. Check Our Libraries page for hours of operation.

NOTE: Library staff are not lawyers, so they cannot give legal advice or prepare court forms for you.

Access our materials from your home

Visit the ALL webpage for resources and information on how to conduct your research:

* Our Research Guides will point you to the most useful legal resources on different areas of the law.

* Navigating Legal Information explains the different types of resources, including how to find other legal help.


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