Domestic Violence Resources from CPLEA.

Family Violence Prevention Month has come to an end but sadly information on this topic is needed year round. Here's a summary of information available from CPLEA.

Watch the Family Violence Prevention Month 2021 video on YouTube.

INFO SHEETS | Domestic Violence and the Law

We have updated our Domestic Violence and the Law series of info sheets. Topics include:

* What Is Abuse?

* Emergency Protection Orders

* Queen's Bench Protection Orders

* Exclusive Possession Orders

* Restraining Orders

* Keeping the Abuser Away

* Going to the Police

* Gathering Evidence of Abuse

* Serving Documents on an Abusive Party

* Renting and Ending Your Lease Early

* Planning to Leave

* Help with Finances

* Children & Parenting

* Leaving an Abusive Relationship If You Are Not a Canadian Citizen

* Clare's Law

Each info sheet includes legal information on the topic as well as where to go for more help.

Download, print or save from Or order print copies from

WEBINAR | Domestic Violence and the Law: Panel of Resources

On November 18, 2021, CPLEA hosted a panel discussion on resources for those experiencing, or supporting those experiencing, domestic violence. We were pleased to welcome several panelists to share their expertise:

* Gwen May & Julia McGraw, lawyers with Legal Aid Alberta's Emergency Protection Order Program

* Sheila Pahl, senior lawyer with Calgary Legal Guidance's Domestic Violence Family Law program

* Kathy Collins, Executive Director at WINGS and representing Alberta Council of Women's Shelters

* Amy Munroe, Intervention Lead at Sagesse

* Lois Gander, QC, Emeritus Professor with the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta and Vice President of CPLEA

Watch the webinar on-demand at CPLEA TV.


In November 2021, we were fortunate to share several articles on LawNow about family violence from esteemed contributors.

The articles discussed the laws around family violence--both the good and where there is need for improvement.

Read them now:

* Family Violence and Family Law in Alberta...

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