Effective Commercial Arbitration: A Conversation with Robert Armstrong, Ian Binnie, and Stephen Goudge

AuthorShantona Chaudhury
chapter ten
Ef‌fective Commercial Arbitration:
AConversation with Robert Armstrong,
Ian Binnie, and Stephen Goudge
shAntonA ChAudhury
The following is a lightly edited transcript of a conversation I had
on 3 October 2016 with three eminent former litigators and appel-
late judges who are now highly regarded commercial arbitrators.
The Hon Robert P Armstrong, QC, retired from the Ontario Court
of Appeal in 2013 and is now a resident arbitrator at Arbitration
Place. The Hon W Ian C Binnie, CC, QC, retired from the Supreme
Court of Canada in 2011 and is now a member arbitrator at Arbitra-
tion Place and counsel to Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Grin LLP.
The Hon Stephen Goudge retired from the Ontario Court of Ap-
peal in 2014 and is now counsel to Paliare Roland Rosenberg Roth-
stein LLP. These three distinguished arbitrators were kind enough
to share their thoughts, experience, and wisdom on a number of
topics relating to eective commercial arbitration.
: How does arbitration dier from court adjudication? Is it a more ef-
fective form of dispute resolution?
: In my experience, the lawyers who present arbitration cases
are a little more interested in getting to a result as eectively and

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