End of the Non-union Employment Relationship

AuthorPaul Wearing
End of the Non-union Employment
What You Should Know
Leaving aside divine intervention, there are eight ways that non-union
employment may end:
by operation of law
expiration of a f‌ixed-term contract
early termination of a f‌ixed-term contract
dismissal for cause
constructive dismissal
dismissal not for cause
frustration of the employment contract
Except for constructive dismissal, regardless of which event triggers the
termination of the employment, a personal meeting with the employee
supported by notice in writing is a must. Immediately after the meet-
ing, an employer should make notes of what was said by all parties in
the meeting as an aide-mémoire. The meeting must be conducted with
respect and dignity. High-handed, abusive conduct, regardless of the
reason for dismissal, can be cause for increased damages if the termina-
tion becomes litigious. So as to avoid parading the employee in front of
co-workers during the regular workday, invite the employee to return to
her workstation to retrieve personal items after regular work hours.

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