Enforcement of Employment Standards

AuthorPaul Wearing
Enforcement of Employment Standards
What You Should Know
The law provides a cost-free procedure for employees to enforce their
rights against employers to force them to comply with the law. In fact,
employees who wish to f‌ile a complaint against their employer for an al-
leged violation of the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 20001 can f‌ind
assistance at Ministry of Labour intake oces.
The law is administered by the Ontario Ministry of Labour and enforced
by employment standards ocers responsible to the Director of Employ-
ment Standards. Employment standards ocers have the authority to do
the following:
inspect workplaces for compliance with the law
enter premises without a warrant
investigate compla ints
order an employer to produce records
interrogate persons in furtherance of an inspection or investigation
convene fact-f‌inding meetings
issue orders to pay to employers
issue compliance tickets imposing f‌ines on employers for failing to
post the current Ministry of Labour poster What You Should Know
About the Ontario Employment Standards Act and provide copies to
each employee or failing to post the Ontario Workplace Safety and

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