In "Thoughts on Prayers: An Analysis of Prayers in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, 20032019," Vol 44, No. 3, pp 12-18, there was a summary of the prayer practices of Assemblies across Canada. Of Nova Scotia, the article noted: "The Speaker reads a shortened version of the Lord's Prayer, which was written by Speaker Mitchel in 1972". A member of the Canadian Parliamentary Review's editorial board explains that this assertion is incorrect and the error has been made in numerous sources over the years.

The text of the prayer used until it was dispensed with recently, was written by Speaker Mitchell in 1972, and contained the entire Lord's Prayer preceded by the following words:

"O Lord in whom we trust, and with whose guidance and grace this land was founded,

We pray that you will give to each of us the courage required to become servants of God through our service to this province.

Assist us in our deliberations so that our legislation will reflect a true spirit of justice and equity to all people.

Bless, we pray, our Queen and members of the Royal Family.

Give to the Members of this Assembly good health for the...

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