Faith & Change.

Author:Purves-Smith, Michael
Position::A LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Letter to the editor

"These days, there is much terrible news on climate change. One may now choose from a wide variety of YouTube videos that offer reasons why their authors think humans will be gone by 2030-15 years away!

Consequently, it was with mounting disquiet that I read through the Faith in Earth issue of A/J. I haven't got a lot of faith in those who say, "I have faith in the future because I have FAITH" (Ursula M. Franklin, A/J 42:1, p. 80). That quintessential circular argument attaches to almost every voice in the magazine: Atwood "believes," McKibben "hopes," the ghosts of Julian Simon and Pollyanna are much in evidence. But do we have time for them? Instead, can we move on to approaches that may yet solve the crisis of the biosphere? Why not devote an issue to biological carbon capture, another to a tough-minded critique of carbon taxes, renewables, and the much-touted recipe for vegan panacea,...

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