Feds drop $3.5M to green underground mining.

FVT Research is developing a 14ton battery-electric vehicle for use in underground mining, and a Feb. 11 infusion of $2 million in federal cash should help in that endeavour.

FVT, which has offices in British Columbia and Sudbury, manufactures battery-electric drive systems.

It's received $2 million from Natural Resources Canada's Clean Growth Program, which invests in clean technology research and development projects in Canada's energy, mining and forest sectors.

The company will use the funds to design, development and test a 14-ton battery-electric vehicle for underground mining, converting the equipment from diesel power.

"FVT Research looks forward to bringing our Canadian technologies to the underground mining industry and improving the world's environment, the work environment, and the profitability of the industry," said Todd Pratt, FVT's CEO, in a news release.

A second recipient, the Sudbury based Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation and Applied Research Corp. (MIRARCO), received $1.5 million from the fund.

The non-profit research organization is...

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