Field notes.

AuthorHyde-Lay, Robyn

2013 is busy with exciting developments and events at the Health Law Institute. Indeed, we are pleased to announce the newly configured Institute. Last fall, our team, in conjunction with the Dean's office at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, initiated its redevelopment, amalgamating the Institute and the Health Law and Policy Group (HeaLS), to create a single entity. This transition allowed for the development of a wider research portfolio in the areas of health law and science policy, with activities now being funded by a variety of provincial and federal funding agencies, which currently include Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions, the Allergy, Genes and Environment (AllerGen) Network, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CLHR), Genome Alberta, Genome Canada, and the Stem Cell Network. The redevelopment has also allowed us to welcome new members to our team--including Sarah Burningham, Dr. Kalina Kamenova, and...

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