Follow the money.

Author:Grisdale, Debbie

In response to your strong editorial (Where's the world's outrage for Syria?, Dec. 2016, p. 4), I raise up the work of Project Ploughshares, an operating agency of the Canadian Council of Churches.

Ploughshares, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016, seeks to prevent war and armed conflict and build peace. Its annual Armed Conflict Report tells us that world military spending in 2015, including arms sales, was approximately US$1,563.3 billion. This represents a one per cent increase over 2014.

Syria, by far the most tragic, haunting and bloodiest of the 29 armed conflicts Ploughshares reports on, is fuelled by the global arms trade. As we watch, unbelieving and feeling helpless at the level of destruction and human tragedy, we have to ask: where are all these weapons coming from? Who is making money from the sales of the thousands of assault rifles, mortar shells, rocket launchers, anti-tank weapons, heavy machine guns and other weapons of unfathomable suffering, death and destruction?

Peace cannot be won on a battlefield. Military force...

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