Food for work works!(DISASTER RELIEF)


The 2015 earthquakes in Nepal heavily damaged or destroyed over 750,000 buildings, including the homes of 90% of the farmers in Rasuwa district. These farmers stored their food supplies, tools and even housed their livestock in their homes, meaning they lost all of these things.

PWRDF partnered with the Lutheran World Federation to provide a three-month food for work program in six communities in the remote, mountainous Rasuwa District, approximately a five hour drive from Kathmandu.

Working with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank enabled PWRDF to access 4:1 matching funds from the Canadian government, allowing the program to reach 950 families. The project helped tide them over as their crops grew and also helped their communities by rebuilding damaged infrastructure.

Each family received three distributions of 30kg of rice, 4.5kg of lentils, 2L of vegetable oil and some salt. Enough food for a month. In exchange, the families worked on community projects. Each community decided which infrastructure repair projects would benefit their people the...

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