Foreign Worker Protection

AuthorPaul Wearing
Foreign Worker Protection
What You Should Know
On 20 November 2015, Ontario legislation for the protection of the rights
(Live-in Caregivers and Others), 2009, was repealed and replaced with the
ber 2015. The new law expands protection of foreign nationals employed
in Ontario as live-in caregivers to all foreign nationals employed or at-
tempting to f‌ind employment in Ontario pursuant to an immigration or
foreign temporary employee program. The expanded law is of signif‌i-
cance to the service industry and the construction industr y. It requires
employers and recruiters to provide foreign nationals belonging to listed
categories with information prepared and published by the Director of
Employment Standards.
The law prohibits recruiters from charging fees to foreign nationals
either directly or indirectly. Furthermore the law protects the listed cat-
egories of foreign nationals from intimidation by employers or recruiters
in response to asking about or asserting any rights under the law. These
rules continue to apply under the amended law.

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