AuthorPeter Cory
Edward Ratushny has written an excellent book on public inquiries. The
writing is crisp and clear and the research has been done thoroughly
and well. His experience as a lawyer, a professor of law, and counsel in
numerous inquiries qualif‌ies him as an expert in the f‌ield.
He has reviewed the reasons for public inquiries, why they are re-
quired, how they should be organized, conducted, and eventually writ-
ten. He has set out guidelines and suggestions that will be of great value
to all who have anything to do with public inquiries whether as commis-
sioner, counsel to the commissioner, parties, intervenors, or witnesses.
He has referred to many inquiries of all kinds, from those that dealt
with wrongful convictions to those that dealt with broad public issues.
He has rightly given high praise to the conduct of some commissioners,
particularly and appropriately, to Associate Justice Dennis O’Connor
for his work in the Arar and Walkerton water inquiries. He has, as well,
pointed out the faults and weaknesses apparent in other inquiries.
He has given very sound advice to all who undertake inquiries. His
recommendations are invaluable as he proceeds through every step of
the process from the terms of reference, and the recommended discus-
sions pertaining to those terms, from the physical set up of the facilities
for the hearing, through to the need for a restrained and dignif‌ied rela-
tionship between the media, the commissioner, counsel for the commis-
sion, and all who are employed by the commission.

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