AuthorR. Roy McMurtry/Jim Phillips
T and powerful book about sexual assault crimes in Ca
nadian history, by Professor Constance Backhouse, whose previous books
for the Osgoode Society have won major awardsUsing a cas estudy ap
proach, Professor Backhouse explores nine sexual as sault trials from across
the country th roughout the twentieth century. We move from small towns
to large cities, from the Maritimes to t he Northwest Territories, from the suf
frageera to the period oft hewomensliberation movementEach chapter
from sexual assault, and each is high ly readable and provocative. The most
movingch aptersdocume ntthelawsrefus altoaccommod ateawomanwho
could only give evidence in sign language, and the heartbreak of a c hild rape
trialTh isbookisthe bestkindof legalhistoryaviv idexplorationofthe
pastwhichalsog ivesusthetoolstoas sesstheecacyorinthis caselack
The purpose of the Osgoode Societ y for Canadian Legal History is to
encourage research and writing on t he history of Canadian law. The Society,
whichwasincorporatedi nandisregistered asachar itywasfounded
attheinitiativeofthe HonourableRRoyMcMurtryformerlyaorneygen
eralfor Ontar ioandch iefjust iceof the province and ocials of the Law
Society of Upper Canada. The Societ y seeks to stimulate the study of legal
history in Canada by supporting re searchers, collecting oral hi stories, and
It has published seventy books on the courts, the judicia ry, and the legal

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