AuthorC. Ian Kyer
T known as Fasken Martineau can trace its roots back
acentu ryanda halfto theBea yChadwic kpart nersh ipestabli shedin 
Asits t itlesuggests th is history of the Fasken rm is in part a history of
Blackstockandofcou rseFaskenLawpracticein thelaternineteent hand
earlytwentiethcenturies wasfrequentlycharacteris edbysuch family con
nections, and by connect ions between legal and business fa milies, in thi s
case by connections to t he Gooderhams’ and Worts’ extended families.
This book also takes us through crucial st ages in the development of not
justFaskenMartineau butmanyotherCa nadianlawrms thea lliances
with various businesses; the growth of two or three man part nerships into
considerablylargerrmsthe links betweenleadi nglawrms andpolitics
Along the way, we see how law practice changed, how remuneration was
divided up, and how strong leaders stamped their individual personalities
ontot he collective identity of the rm This bo oki s a majorcontr ibution
to our understanding of the cha nges in Canadian law practice through t he
twentie th century.
The purpose of the Osgoode Societ y for Canadian Legal History is
to encourage research and writing arou nd the history of Canadia n law.
TheSoc ietywhichwas incorporatedin andi sregistered as achar ity
aorney general for Ontario and chief justice of the provi nce  and
the study of legal history in Canada by supporti ng researchers, collecting

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