AuthorJoy Nott
ProfessionPresident, IECanada
Dr Prabhu’s book takes customs legislation and breaks it down in easy-to-
understand language. He takes the unique approach of describing each legis-
lative section of the Act, following it with caselaw along with his explanation
of the law. This makes the information accessible and practical for anyone
involved in international trade with, and in, Canada. Dr Prabhu brings his
expertise to the application of Canada’s import and export laws in a way that
will help anyone who needs to know the technicalities of trade with Canada.
I have all of Dr Prabhu’s books and have used them for many years in my
work in customs consulting and with my work with IECanada. They are an
extremely valuable resource and are my preferred go-to reference for any-
thing related to trade law. I applaud Dr Prabhu for f‌illing a need in the Can-
adian marketplace for such books on customs, importing, and exporting.
Joy Nott
President, IECanada

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