AuthorPatrick J. Monahan/Byron Shaw/Padraic Ryan
Within any society committed to the principle of the rule of law, an
understanding of the countr y’s basic constitutional fra mework is im-
portant. But such an understand ing is particul arly necessary i n Can-
ada, given our continuing debate over the future of the countr y and its
constitution. It is for that reason that I am very pleased that Patr ick
Monahan has w ritten this lucid and read able text describing Canada’s
constitution. Professor Monahan’s book will be p articularly usef ul for
law students, since it sets out in a very clear and logical fashion the his -
tory and evolution of our constitution. But I fully expect that this book
will also b e of value to lawyers and to const itutional specialists, since it
includes a detailed and caref ul consideration of many of the contested
legal issues that are now or will soon be before the courts. Not only
does Professor Monahan provide a fa ir and balanced account of the
current state of the law but he attempts to clar ify areas where t he law
may be ambiguous. He also offers h is views as to the direction in which
the constitution can be ex pected to evolve in the future.
Professor Monahan has already established himself as one of the
country’s leading constitutional scholars. This book will conf‌irm that
reputation, and I am conf‌ident that it will prove to be es sential read-
ing for students, lawyers, and lay persons with an interest in Canada’s
constitutional affairs. I am pleased to commend it.
The Right Honourable Brian Dickson
Chief Justice of Canada (retired)

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