AuthorMartin L. Friedland, CC, QC
ProfessionProfessor of Law and University Professor Emeritus - University of Toronto
It is a great pleasure to wr ite this foreword to the seventh edition of my
colleague Kent Roach’s book, Criminal Law. There is no Canadian book
like it and all those study ing criminal law will b e indebted to Professor
Roach for his very readable and careful analysis of Ca nadian criminal
law. This book will be an excellent companion for students in cri m-
inal law courses both in the law schools and cr iminology and crim inal
justice departments. As is demonstrated by its citation by the Supreme
Court and other courts, even judges and sea soned criminal lawyers w ill
benef‌it from reading the thoughtful views on the basic principles of
crimina l law articulated in this book. In addition, it deals w ith many
new developments in criminal law, such as new developments relating
to sexual as sault offences and the provocation defence, as well as infanti-
cide. The fact that Professor Roach has acted as counsel in a number of
import ant Charter and sentencing cases di scussed in the book provides
an added dimension to this work. This thoroughly revised seventh edi-
tion, like the earlier edit ions, is destined to be widely used and praised.
I look forward to many future editions of t his valuable book.
Martin L Fried land, CC, QC
Professor of Law and University Profess or Emeritus
Universit y of Toronto

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