Foreword by andy byford

AuthorC. Ian Kyer
me to write t he foreword to his thoughtful and very
timely book, I was both honoured and pleased to be asked.
A Thirty Years’ War describes, in great detail, a dynamic and a political
dialogue that is still s o relevant today. Just six years short of its centenary, the
TorontoTransitCommissionTTCcu rrentlyndsitselfattheheartofthe big
politicala ndsocietal discussion in Toronto andthe widerGreater Toronto
and Hamilton Area today: how to tackle growing congestion thr ough the
Concerns about the growing economic and healthrelated impacts of
may ora le lect ion si n  Th eTor on toR eg ion Board of Trad eha sr ai sed ev er
more urgent warnings about the adverse impact on the region’s economy if
congestion is not addressed. Politicians have responded to these concerns
yetunres olveddebatesaboutth emeanstopayfor themAdomin anttheme
is that of funding: which revenue tools are appropriate and what should the
funding formula look like?
In Toronto itself, the TTC is coping with an exponential increase i n rider
ship on an aging inf rastructure against a backdrop of the lowest operational
subsidy of any major transit service in North America. As ch ief executive
perform miracles in keeping Toronto moving against these odds.

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