Foreword to the fifth edition

Author:David M. Paciocco - Lee Stuesser
Profession:Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice - Professor of Law, Bond University

Page 21

Some years ago, I agreed to write the foreword to the first edition of this book with enthusiasm. Even without seeing the manuscript, I felt confident that with a "Paciocco" and "Stuesser" stamp of quality on it, the book would be excellent. From my very first reading, I thought it was even better than an excellent piece of writing - it had all the makings of a very useful tool for all consumers of the law of evidence. Several editions later, I know that it is.

Any experienced legal writer will appreciate what a challenging task it is to distill a massive body of jurisprudence into a seemingly simple set of principles. The challenge is particularly daunting when it comes to the constantly-evolving law of evidence. Yet Professors Paciocco and Stuesser have succeeded, with brilliance. The authors have not only extricated from our Canadian jurisprudence a concise, yet scholarly, summary of the current "rules" of evidence, they have made the law intelligible by relating those rules to the underlying governing principles. Realistic examples bring the rules to life and make the book immensely readable. The organization of the material is very user-friendly, making it a valuable guide for law students, practitioners, academics, and judges.

I have often used this textbook in my daily work over the years. In...

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