Foreword: To the First Edition

AuthorRonald J Daniels
ProfessionDean, Faculty of Law University of Toronto
To the First Edition
Canadian corporate law is messy. The federal government has its own
corporate law statute, as does each of t he ten provinces. Although there
are similar ities among these statutes, there are also substant ial differ-
ences. Not only that, but provincial secur ities regulation also regulates
corporate governance and needs to be accounted for in any tre atment of
the Canadian corporate law regime. Further complicating matters are
the many liabilities and duties, based on a range of statutes and com-
mon law doctrines, which regulate corporate behaviour.
Tony VanDuzer has w ritten an indisp ensable book on the structure
and operation of Canadian pa rtnership and corporate law. Ever mind-
ful of the complexities of the legal regime, he skillfully navigate s his
treatise th rough a number of doctrinal areas and gives the reader an
appreciation of how the system works. He does so in a way that is
sensitive to the distinct market and regulatory envi ronment in which
Canad ian cor porations operate.
All in all, this book is a disting uished piece of scholarship, and I
commend it to both practitioners and students of corporate law.
Ronald J Daniels
Dean, Faculty of Law
Universit y of Toronto
July 1997

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