Foreword to the second edition

AuthorRoger S Clark
ProfessionBoard of Governors Professor Rutgers Law School, Camden, New Jersey
to the Second Edition
This is my f‌iftieth year in law teaching. That means I a m of an age
where (mostly f‌ine) younger scholars f‌latter me by asking me to write
a foreword, or even an afterword, to their books. It is not a genre of
writing that I feel comfortable with and I quickly lear ned how to say
no. The invitation to write a foreword to this book was, however, one
that I could not resist. The f‌irst edition of thi s book, which appeared
only a few short years ago, was a f‌ine pioneering piece of scholarship
in an area close to my heart: an area in which I have been te aching and
writing for much of my professional life. A new edition promised to
take it to new levels. I have not been disappointed.
Robert Currie of the Schulich School of Law at Da lhousie Univer-
sity, a leading scholar in the f‌ield, has been joined in the new edition
by Joseph Rikhof, senior counsel, man ager of the law with the Crimes
Against Humanity a nd War Crimes Section of the Depart ment of Justice,
Canada. Professor Curr ie has added signif‌icant new material of his ow n
to the material in t he earlier edition. So has Dr Rikhof, who has also
contributed an additional and very useful chapter, entitled “Extended
Liability, Defences, and Child Soldiers.” Gillian MacNeil (LLB Dalhousie,
2006; LLL University of Ottawa, 20 07; LLM Cambridge, 2008), who
wrote the origina l chapter on immunities in the f‌irst edition, has brought
that contribution up to date with some fascinating new materi al, and
otherwise a ssisted in the new edit ion.
I confess neither in law school in New Zealand in the early 1960s,
nor as a graduate student at Columbia Law School in New York in the

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