Foreword To the Third Edition

AuthorAri Kaplan/Mitch Frazer
To the Third Edition
Pension law is a uniquely interesting and complex area of the law. It
has a direct impact on indiv iduals, but is also of great importance to
corporations and other employers. Pension law in Canad a has matured
to a key area of the law and business — for example, pension plans can
be very signif‌icant and inf‌luential investors, and at ti mes pensions may
act as a catalyst for corporate restr ucturing. Over the years, what a pen-
sion plan may look like and what individual plan members may expect
to receive upon retirement has also evolved, as other plan de signs have
been embraced.
In this thi rd edition of Pension Law, Ari Kaplan and Mitch Frazer
have updated and compiled the legislative and jur isprudential pension
law into one comprehensive book. They have encapsulated the key
developments and changes in this dynamic area of the law, including
minimum standards, surplus, plan administration, and plan w ind up.
When I practised in pension law, I always felt fortunate to work in
an area of the law that has a complex legislative framework in addition
to an intersection with m any other areas of law, including constitu-
tional, labour and employment, tr usts, corporate, insolvency, and tax-
ation. The multifaceted nature of pension law ensure s that there are
always new challenges. In th is book, Ari Kaplan a nd Mitch Frazer ably
dissect thi s complex web into a logical and understandable nar rative.
I remember when the f‌irst edition of this book came out and I was
so grateful to be able to turn to a comprehensive pension law resource.
Throughout my years of practice, it was my go-to pension law book. It

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