Forum: "Perils of Pipelines, Riddles of Resources".

AuthorForsythe, Adrian
PositionEditors' Preface

Following the tradition of our forebears, Volume 70 of the University of New Brunswick Law Journal organizes its articles under a forum topic. This year, the Editorial Board is pleased to present the forum: Perils of Pipelines, Riddles of Resources.

The centerpiece of Volume 70 is the Viscount Bennett Memorial Lecture. In February 2019, Elizabeth May attended the University of New Brunswick and delivered the Viscount Bennett lecture on how to find hope, develop a sense of unity, and forge ahead in the face of environmental and climate change.

In addition to the Viscount Bennett lecture, the Editorial Board is delighted to publish articles from contributors throughout Canada, in both French and English. The articles explore perils of pipelines and riddles of resources, but they also explore other complex, dynamic legal topics like the implementation of international law in Canada, uncertainty in the legislative context, and the relationship between settlers and Indigenous people in Canada. The Editiorial Board is also pleased to present a case comment on the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision, R v Comeau. Finally, the Editorial Board presents a submission by a student of the University of New Brunswick's Faculty of Law. This year, our student submission is authoured by third-year student Joshua Haase...

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