AuthorNathan Baker
adaptive cruise control (ACC). See trac-aware cruise control (TACC).
advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). A system of partial automation
focused on a particular task. Examples include AEB or TACC.
Advanced Technologies Group (ATG). Formerly the self-driving division
of the tech company Uber. Acquired by Aurora Innovation Inc in Decem-
ber 2020.
automated driving system (ADS). A term def‌ined by SAE International to
include any system that has a sustained action in the automation of driv-
ing tasks, including varying supports from Levels 1 to 5. Excludes Level0,
which has no ADS.
automated lane-keeping system (ALKS). An automated system that uses
remote-sensing technology, typically image sensing, to detect lane lines
and maintain a programmed distance between them or a set distance
from one of them. Higher evolutions of this system are expected to use
hyperprecise GPS to accommodate much the same function or to work
with built-in image-sensing technology to enhance accuracy considerably.

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