AuthorJeffrey Berryman
Accessibil ity threshold. The minimum level of proof that an applicant
must demonstrate to be able to secure an interlocutory injunction. An
accessibility th reshold determines the level of proof that a court requi res
of an applicant that a legal right exist s and the minimum level of proof
that the claimed r ight has been factually inf ringed. See Chapter 2, Sec-
tion E(1).
Anton Piller ord er. An Anton Piller order takes it s name from a decision
of the English Court of Appeal in Anton Piller K.G. v. Manufacturing
Processes Ltd., [1976] Ch. 55 (C.A.). The appellant, Anton Piller, was
a German manufacturer of motors and electric generators used in the
computing industry. The respondent was the appellant’s agent in the
United Kingdom. As agent, the respondent had received conf‌idential
information surrounding the appellant’s business. The appellant found
out that the respondent had been in secret communication with other
German companies c alled Ferrostaal and Lechmotoren with a view
to giving those compan ies detailed plans and drawi ngs of the appel-
lant’s products so that they could be copied. The appellant was about
to launch a new product and feared that detail s of it might get into the
hands of competitors if the respondent were forewarned that the appel-
lant was aware of the respondent’s breaches of conf‌idence. Anton Piller
commenced ex parte proceedings seeking an injunction to restrain
copyright infr ingement as well as a court order to permit entry to the
respondent’s premises to search and remove all conf‌idential information

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