Golden Temple Investments Ltd. v. Bentall Retail Services G.P. Ltd. et al., [2006] B.C.T.C. 1376 (SC)

Judge:Bernard, J.
Court:Supreme Court of British Columbia
Case Date:September 12, 2006
Jurisdiction:British Columbia
Citations:[2006] B.C.T.C. 1376 (SC);2006 BCSC 1376

Golden Temple Inv. Ltd. v. Bentall Retail, [2006] B.C.T.C. 1376 (SC)

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Temp. Cite: [2006] B.C.T.C. TBEd. OC.003

Golden Temple Investments Ltd. dba Knight & Day Restaurant (petitioner) v. Bentall Retail Services G.P. Ltd. dba Bentall Retail Services and Sun life Assurance of Canada (Sun Life du Canada, Compagnie d'assurance-Vie and Westgate Shopping Centre Ltd.) (respondents)

(S100361; 2006 BCSC 1376)

Indexed As: Golden Temple Investments Ltd. v. Bentall Retail Services G.P. Ltd. et al.

British Columbia Supreme Court

New Westminster

Bernard, J.

September 12, 2006.


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Landlord and Tenant - Topic 5008

Assignment of lease - General principles - What constitutes a valid assignment - See paragraphs 17 to 27.

Practice - Topic 5006

Conduct of trial - General principles - Reopening of trial to hear additional submissions or evidence - See paragraphs 9 to 16.


Alan M. Ross, for the petitioner;

John D. Mostowich, for the respondents.

This petition was heard on August 30 and 31, 2006, by Bernard, J., of the British Columbia Supreme Court, who delivered the following decision on September 12, 2006.

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