Greenstone Gold ends exploration, lays off staff.


Greenstone Gold staff has been laid off and, as exploration wraps up at the Hardrock site in Geraldton, the prospective mine's future is unclear.

Layoffs to take effect in early 2017 will impact 30 workers. The company would not make a representative available for a media interview. In a written statement, it expressed it's starting the prospective mine's permitting and environmental assessment phase.

"The recent layoffs in Greenstone are, unfortunately, a normal course of development for a project of this nature," the statement reads, adding the company remains committed to the Hardrock project's success.

"The capital cost associated with this project, however, is significant and therefore certainty with respect to access to public infrastructure, financing, permitting and social and environmental acceptance is required before a decision to construct a mine can be made and the related development activities in Greenstone can continue."

Greenstone Gold owning partners Centerra Gold and Premier Gold Mines released a joint feasibility study on Nov. 16, in which it says "the partnership has...

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