Grewal v. Minister of Manpower, (1974) 2 N.R. 490 (FCA)

JudgePratte, J.
CourtFederal Court of Appeal (Canada)
Case DateMarch 25, 1974
JurisdictionCanada (Federal)
Citations(1974), 2 N.R. 490 (FCA)

Grewal v. MMI (1974), 2 N.R. 490 (FCA)

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Grewal v. Minister of Manpower

Indexed As: Grewal v. Minister of Manpower

Federal Court of Appeal

Pratte, J.

March 25, 1974.


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Practice - Topic 8872

Appeals - Leave to appeal - Extension of time for application for leave to appeal - Immigration Appeal Board Act, s. 23(1) - The Federal Court of Appeal dismissed an application for extension of time to apply for leave to appeal because the affidavits in support of the application did not show an acceptable reason for the delay or that there was some arguable ground upon which the proposed appeal might succeed.

Cases Noticed:

Kukan v. Minister of Manpower and Immigration, 1 N.R. 445, folld. [para. 7].

Statutes Noticed:

Immigration Appeal Board Act, R.S.C. 1970, c. I-3, sect. 23(1).


[None disclosed].

Solicitors of Record:

Ghitter, Harkness, Hetherington & Scoby, for the applicant;

D.S. Thorson, Q.C., for the respondent.

This application was heard by PRATTE, J., pursuant to Rule 234 of the Federal Court Rules. Judgment was delivered on March 25, 1974.

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