Ho-Ho-Holiday Cards (Or Not)

AuthorMargaret McCaffery
DateDecember 16, 2016

So by now the parties are in full swing, the eggnog is flowing, and most of your law firm partners have already taken off for the holidays, while insisting that associates and staff work until the last minute before the statutory closing.

One thing that may NOT yet have ground to a halt, though, is the Dreaded Holiday Card process.

Have you ever wondered how law firm holiday cards get to be so generic? Or how many emails the Marketing Department gets begging for a more creative card this year? Or how many versions they go through, losing creativity at each iteration, until they end up with, yes, a generic, inoffensive, totally forgettable card again? Or why the cards are always sent out so late?

No? Don’t blame you. Here’s how the usual Holiday Card meeting goes.

Partner A: (hitherto the biggest proponent of Kreeaytividdy) “This doesn’t look festive enough.”

Partner B: (hitherto the biggest insister that holiday cards are a waste of time and money) “We’ve got to get these things out earlier! One of my best clients mentioned that he hasn’t received a card from me.”

Partner C: (hitherto the biggest insister that the firm’s card shouldn’t look like every other firm’s card) “What is Blakes doing this year?”

Partner D: “This card is soooo boring!” (Subsequently, his best client sends him a thank-you note for having captured the true spirit of the holidays in the drawing of a snow-covered park with a young couple walking their toddler.)

Partner E: “I can’t send these cards! Many of my clients aren’t Christian.” (The proposed card is all white, with a grey tree bough on which sits a brilliant red cardinal—the bird, not the Prince of the Church.)

Most law firms have been through some form of this fruitless debate. Despite the fact that their marketing...

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